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In honor of Boosie’s newest single here are the top 10 songs on the subject.

  1. Boosie Badazz – Crabs in a Bucket (2017)
  2. Lil’ B – Crabs N A Bucket (2011)
  3. Rob Dee – Crabs in tha Bucket (1999)
  4. The Reepz – Crabz in a Bucket (?)
  5. Black Zheep DZ – 4.1.0 feat. Denzel Curry (2013)
  6. Soulfruit – Crabs in a Bucket (2010)
  7. Mobb Deep – Crabz in a Bucket feat. 50 Cent (2006)
  8. Boss Man T.O. – Crabs in the Bucket (2016)
  9. Kao Denero – Crab Na Bucket feat. The Leo Team (2015)
  10. Contak – Crabs in a Bucket (2014)
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Plenty of rappers have made Tony Montana references in a songs, thrown in a Tony Montana skit before a track starts, sampled his theme, or named a whole song after him, and at least one owes his moniker to him, but it’s not every day you hear a rapper do a full-on Tony Montana impression for an entire song.

King Louie – Tony

Side note: look out for the Chance the Rapper cameo around 0:52.

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I kinda hid this Waka Flocka song in this post under the link “new rap”, which may not have enticed many of you to actually click through to see what was behind it.  Maybe after you hear it though, you’ll be more inclined to check out all the little miscellaneous unexplained links I throw into posts.  Or maybe not.

Anyway, after throwing that link into a pretty unrelated post, I decided that song might be worthy of a post itself, so I went and found out what the main sample in this song is because I think it’s kind of an awesome song and it’s maybe the first time I’ve heard Flocka over a sample-based beat like this.

Waka Flocka – Foreign Shit

I’d expect to hear that beat with like Jay Electronica or Mobb Deep rapping over it, but I think it’s a real nice change of pace to hear Flocka switch his style up a little bit for this one.  He’s still totally himself, but there is a little bit of adaptation to the more stripped-down sound of this production, and I appreciate that.  But that wasn’t the biggest surprise this song had in store for me.

Vanilla Fudge – Eleanor Rigby

Now that’s a surprising source if I ever saw one.  If you’d told me after Flockaveli that I’d hear Waka Flocka rapping over a weird 60s psychedelic cover of a Beatles song, I’d have been fuckin’ skeptical.  Shows what I know.  For more rap songs sampling obscure versions of “Eleanor Rigby” (yes, that’s a category of songs now apparently), check this post.

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This all happened the other day in the comments section to this post, and it made me so happy, I wanted to make a whole separate post about it for everybody that might not take the time to read every single post I put up PLUS every single comment that gets made (but if you do that, you’re awesome and I’m sorry for the repetition).

I was talking about the intro track to this album by The Coup called Genocide & Juice and how it has the same guitar part as this Pimp C song, and in passing I made a reference to this other song on that same album called “Fat Cats, Bigga Fish”.

The Coup – Fat Cats, Bigga Fish

I think that song and video are totally amazing on their own, but little did I know there was some pretty serious history behind it as well.  In the comments to that post that I mentioned that song in, my good friend Timothy drew my attention to a song that I had no business not knowing off the top of my head, but had somehow slipped my mind.  Much thanks, Timothy!

Method Man & Redman – Cereal Killer

SO obvious.  I’m pretty disappointed I didn’t pick up on that one on my own, but I’m mega thankful I got good friends lookin out for my musical wellbeing.  But if you think I’m stoppin here then you’ve obviously not been keepin up with these Rap Journeys.  We GOTTA take it to the source, right??

George & Gwen McRae – The Rub

Now usually, you’d think this would be the end.  BUT I happened to spot in the comments to that song that somebody listed EVEN MORE rap songs that use that same sample:  there’s Mobb Deep’s “Came Up” AND Brand Nubian’s “The Return” in addition to the two posted above.  Whoa.  Thanks YouTube dude.

Ok, that’s the end, for real, I think.  Who knows, maybe somebody will blow my mind with another comment and take me on another journey.  If so, bring it on.  It totally made my day when Timothy hit me with that Method & Red song, the more participation from you all, the better.  So don’t hold back y’all.  I’m talkin to you.

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