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These Baltimore kids are really digging into the Gorageur deep cuts in 2015.

Black Zheep DZ – Order Up

Juego the Ninety – D’Juego

It might sound like these two were sampled from the same original source but Jujuan Allen (on “Order Up“) is pulling from Le Bracelet while Killer Bee (on “D’Juego“) chose the slightly spacier Ten Et Tiwa for his source, both of course from René Laloux’s super excellent 1973 cut-out stop motion sci-fi flick “La Planète Sauvage“.  You might recognize these samples from places like that weird Flying Lotus/Krayzie Bone collab from last year, a couple Mac Miller-related tracks before that, or in The Underachievers’ “Chrysalis“, but I think Zheep and Juego did way better on their versions than any of those dudes.  The only real competition for best rap over a Gorageur flip would be “Come On Feet” , especially with its appropriately surreal video treatment.

Quasimoto – Come On Feet

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I don’t celebrate 4/20 in the usual way but I have much appreciation for the many great songs written about the world’s most rapidly-becoming-legalized herb.

Devin the Dude – Sticky Green

Angie Stone – Green Grass Vapors

Quasimoto – Greenery

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New Quasimoto.

Quasimoto – Catchin’ the Vibe

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If there’s one record label I’ve followed more consistently and for a sustained period of time since getting into rap, it’s Stones Throw.  I first got into their stuff because of the Madvillainy album, that was one of the first rap albums that really spoke to me, and I’ve religiously checked in and followed every move they’ve made since.  One cool thing about them is that even though they’re a devoutly un-commercial label that I’m sure has had some tough times financially, they still do cool extra stuff like make videos for their artists when they make new music.  And not just recently, when 50 homemade videos for new rap songs pop up on the internet every day, they’ve got Jaylib and Lootpack videos from the late 90s/early 2000s too.

Stones Throw has also changed a lot over the years, and they’re way more than just a hip-hop label now.  This is clearly demonstrated by their two newest videos, both of which have come out in the past week.

Tony Cook – What’s On Your Mind? (feat. DâM-FunK)

Aloe Blacc – You Make Me Smile

You can tell these videos have some budgets behind them, which I think really shows how much Stones Throw really cares about and supports their artists.  But they’re not too pretentious and uptight to let some obviously homemade shit represent their music either.  Just check out their video contest from last year, where, to celebrate their 15th anniversary as a label, they asked for fan-made videos for any Stones Throw release with a chance to win $1000 and an opportunity to direct an official Stones Throw artist’s video in the future.  How cool is that??  And I have to say, some of the submissions were pretty sweet.  Keep it up, Wolf, you’re still killin’ it after all these years.

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Stumbling across samples from popular stuff is always really awesome, but it’s not really that rare because usually popular new songs borrow stuff from popular old songs, you know?  So it’s not that hard to come across.  But finding the sample to some fucked up weird fringy shit is extra satisfying, because they usually borrow from other fucked up weird fringy shit, so it’s not as easy to just hear a song on the radio or in a movie or something, it usually poses a little more of a challenge.

This one I just got lucky on.  I was checkin out this album by a chick named Doris from the ’70s and from the moment the bass line started I knew I was having one of those rare moments.

Doris – You Never Come Closer

This one’s even more meaningful to me because it’s on one of my favorite albums of all time.  It took me a little while to get into the weirdness of it, but after I did I realized it was absolutely amazing.  The way the skits and the music are integrated, and the style of the beats in general, it’s really somethin special.

Quasimoto – Closer (feat. MF Doom)

It’s a pretty awesome day when you spot a Madlib sample, I’m glad I could share it with you all.  Get that Quas album, and fuck it get that Doris album too.

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