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Today I made my first pilgrimage to Oakland’s newest and already greatest music store.  Here’s what I walked away with.

Kilo Ali – Organized Bass (LP)

Bootsy Collins – Ultra Wave (LP)

The Mossie – Break Bad (feat. E-40 & Levitti)

E-40 – Big Ballin’ With My Homies / Earl, That’s Yo Life (Test Pressing!)

DJ U-Neek – California Streets / Eastsider / Doctor Doctor

Funkadelic – Uncle Jam Wants You (LP)

Suga Free – You Know My Name

Jungle Brothers – Straight Out The Jungle (LP)

Eloise Carey – Channel of God’s Love (LP)

Paramahansa Yogananda – Chants and Prayers (LP)

Don’t worry there are still other good records (and tapes and CDs) there.

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OK now that we’re done with all that high concept/themed shit, here’s just a badass video I found today that everyone should see.

Royal Rock (Suga Free) – Do It Like I’m Used To It

I remember kids a my elementary school doin’ this all the time, but none of ’em could do it on that level.  Amazing.

I found this on Tumblin’ Erb, but he found it on a blog called No Chorus, and the original post has some cool explanation and history, if you wanna get deeper into this dude.  It’s worth it.

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