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There are a lot of things to love about Starlito’s newest tape (like the realest relationship-rap song in recent memory), but one reference in particular caught my attention on first listen.

Starlio – I Get Tired

The Game – My Life (feat. Lil’ Wayne)

When “My Life” came out it quickly became my go-to Exhibit A for defending auto-tune to all those mid ’00s haters who still took their rap cues from Jay-Z and hungrily grasped at any opportunity to dismiss an innovation or new direction in rap.  I liked T-Pain a lot too but that was a hopeless position to take toward anyone who I’d be having this debate with, but Wayne’s auto-tune use was harder to dismiss, especially on such an emotionally deep and vulnerable song.  Cher (or, more accurately, one of Cher’s producers) introduced it to the world, T-Pain built an entire style on it and made it a household name, but I think Wayne deserves a lot of credit for paving the way for a less-gimmicky and more expressive use of the infamous Auto-Tune.  It’s his work that set the stage for Future, Chief Keef, and Young Thug to make some of the most interesting emotionally powerful music of the past decade, and I think “My Life” is a prime and often overlooked example of this.  This reaches beyond rap too, if Wayne hadn’t taken Auto-Tune’s use as an expressive tool to the next level and it had simply out of fashion when T-Pain did, would Bon Iver have made “Woods“?  Doubtful.

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Check out these 5 pop rappers reviving some old Bone.

The Game – Celebration (feat. Chris Brown, Tyga, Lil’ Wayne, & Wiz Khalifa)

Just between you and me, I think those ladies were letting Tyga win that b-ball game.  Don’t you think?

Here’s a little context for those of you that have never heard me DJ a New Years’ party.

Bone Thugs-N-Harmony – 1st of tha Month

It’s interesting how both Game and Tyga start out really trying to do their best Bone Thugs impressions, but both end up slipping into the same currently popular slow syncopated flow that everyone from Gunplay to Ab-Soul to 2 Chainz to Buddy to Jay Ant has sported in the past year.  Bone impressions and references pop up in some of the most unexpected places.  There are the high profile instances like Wayne’s sly nod at the end of “It’s Good” all the way back to Biggie’s famous “Notorious Thugs” verse, but sometimes you’ll hear a little Bone peeking out of some more unexpected corners.  It’s cool to hear such an obvious backpack-rap instrumental track that revolves primarily around an Aaliyah sample and a Bone Thugs sample.

Count Bass D – August 25, 2001

And if you’re like me and need to know where DJ U-Neek got the inspiration for this anthem of new beginnings, check the chorus of this tune.

Chapter 8 – I Just Wanna Be Your Girl (feat. Anita Baker)

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The other day a bunch of us put together a pretty excellent outdoor screening of Pootie Tang, and it reminded me of a couple songs I’ve come across that feature some pretty funny Pootie Tang references.  Even if you haven’t seen Pootie Tang though, these tracks are still really cool and worth checkin’ out on their own, so don’t just skip over this.  They’re still relevant to you too.

The first one I totally owe to Andrew, even though I’ve heard this song probably a thousand times, I never noticed that there’s a really blatant Pootie Tang shout out during the intro until he pointed it out to me one day.  Thanks for it:

Jaylib – Official

The other one caught me pretty off guard too, just because it comes during a verse by The Game who I don’t expect to reference some goof ass shit like “wah-da-tay my damie” in his serious-pimpin’-on-hoes flow normally, but he totally does on this one:

Gucci Mane – I Might Be (feat. The Game & Shawnna)

It’s also funny that Gucci Mane, The Game, and Pootie Tang all sorta rhyme.  Too bad they didn’t work that into the song.  Maybe next time.  Shouts out to all the Pootie Tang fans out there, let me know if there are some more songs I need to know about in this vein.

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