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Maybe this is in bad taste for a Father’s Day post, especially since my own father deserves nothing but the highest praise for the work he’s put in (and continues to put in) for me and my sister, but I just had a real deep conversation with a dude about his dad who did some truly unspeakable shit to him and other members of his family, and I was recently moved by this Tim Smooth song where he eviscerates his own father for his multitudinous failings and I thought to myself “Maybe everybody who’s father was a piece of shit deserves a song on Father’s Day too!”

Unfortunately, Tim Smooth is not well represented on YouTube (or anywhere else for that matter) and I guess I’m not allowed to upload mp3s on WordPress (?) so the only stream I could find of “I Remember” is some sketchy MP3Clan link that might be broken by the time I post this but if you need this song in your life (you’ll know if you do), then seek it out because it makes “Papa Was A Rolling Stone (which “I Remember” appropriately references in its opening bars) sound downright merciful.

Tim Smooth & Too Cool – I Remember

As I said before, my own pops doesn’t deserve a single line from that Tim Smooth track so I gotta put something up to honor him and all the other dads out there doing their job right.  This way people with shitty and great dads will all have a song they can relate and vibe to on Father’s Day.  This might not be the best song in honor of paternity in rap (I already covered that one last month), but as a blues devotee, singer, and mean-ass harp player, my pops would probably appreciate this one the most.  Love you, Dad.

Nas – Bridging the Gap (feat. Olu Dara)

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